Jamaican born and raised stateside in Chicago, Illinois and Boston, Massachusetts, Apollo Godspeed is known for his strength and for racing cars for money while listening to his own recordings; that’s what has given birth to this superb artist’s namesake.


     Apollo’s best known for his collaborations with international recording artist Keno Nocturn and in cahoots with Two Tone Tha Alabama Gangsta, the trio are the group The 3 Kings who rep their cities harder than anyone in the current music scene and city.


    Apollo Godspeed is also  a Rudeboy Model, look out for his Look Book in 2016. He is featured on the front cover of Locked Magazine as well as featured in Locked Magazine August 2015 issue and RB Magazine, an online Magazine that features some of the greatest underground and mainstream artists. Apollo also has featuring in BWD Magazine.You can currently hear his music on Fat Cat Radio hosted by Twizm Whyte Piece. Check out his Instagram, YouTube, Reverbnation, CD Baby iHeart RADIO iTunes and Spotify. His album Hell to Hevan was Released January 11 2016 with featuring artists like Keno Nocturn, Lisa G. (The Amazing R&B and Gospel singing Artist from his Label Royal Dynasty Regal Entertainment.) He Co Management with Juls Maye From Boston Massachusetts Called Regal Management Team They Also Future on His album song called  Anniversary.


   Apollo Godspeed is now hosting on one of the top radio shows currently being aired called "Texas to Philly Radio". The Owner\CEO of "Texas to Philly Radio" and Rose Management, Ms. Velvet Rose "The Boss" Jackson of Texas, extended her network to Boston, Mass. to work with Apollo Godspeed. Together the "regale"  King and Queen of underground radio teamed up to form an alliance with "UNTALKABLE RADIO" Network's Dj Knight Krawler And the Elite EJ" tha A&R."


     Apollo Godspeed is now looking Towards Being  A Management and Business Conciliation as he Build His Partnership with Texas To Philly RADIO.