Established in 2014 Goonlyfe Entertainment LLC is an American Urban Record Label. Headquartered in Jacksonville Florida, we have offices in ,TN,CA,TX,PA,and Miami. Our roster of Artists will always represent the finest Musicians on the planet. We at Goonlyfe Entertainment LLC believe in Honesty Integrity, Professionalism and Charity. We feel an immediate obligation to the communities we were raised in and now live in. Hope is the lifeblood of all actions We aim to inspire.


        Goonlyfe Founder EJ The A&R aka DJ Erik de Redd bka Blak Plague born and raised in Miami FL was a product of the city's most violent community Goulds. As an infant he showed an intense interest in music and sounds. This interest was intently nurtured and by age nine he was and experienced vocalist as well as an experienced virtuoso of stringed instruments. After off field issues removed him from that game he found himself a part of a far less traveled public school system in which he was reintroduced to the nuances of the hood life his mother so tenaciously sought to separate him from. Though still with a passion for music. The streets and all that came with them now garner his attention. Drugs Gangs etc are now the chosen vices. It was through his time banging that he transitioned into one of the dopest underground artists alive. One of the homies built a studio the rest was history.


       He formed Disobedient ENT with homie Machine Gun Kelly of Miami FL. The label bolstered a roster of Miami's hardest lyricists. Together they pushed over 50k mixtapes hand to hand combat. The duo separated as MGK took a position with a firm in Los Angeles where he has written on projects for Various 5* projects. Plague moved to North Florida and formed Goonlyfe Entertainment LLC with Black Gotti of Jacksonville Florida. Together they recruited a new roster of musicians and ran for the border. Today Goonlyfe is an established leader in Indie Music. With Artists in several states carrying the torch on that pursuit to mainstream success while remaining Indie. He has recently revisited on sir hosting alongside label mate NiteKwralah they make up the podcast crew known as The Untalkables. The show has been rapidly growing as they take on the topics that matter and have a good time doing it. He is also host of A&,R showcases all over the country for indie Musicians.