Velvet Rozaé DaBoss Jackson , aka Janae Jackson is a born native right here in her local hometown of Austin,Tx. Born and raised she always had a compassion for helping others and to advise motivation among her many peers. A Capricornian was born in 1986 with an old soul and a keen eye for music. Not only does she have  great  worth ethics , a people's person , kind hearted and loved by many such as family , friends and supporters only means she plans to deliver her drive beyond expected limitations. Velvet Rozaé juggles many roles as an entrepreneur , business woman , a Ceo/ Co Founder of Texas 2 Philly Entertainment & Radio and Velvet Rose Management.


    It wasn't til back in 2013, when she met her best friend “Dymon Slim” an arising artist from Hammond, LA had been on his journey to seek great management to help aid him along his journey to be a successful musician and build his label Paper First Entertainment. This brought our relationship closer than ever being that he was an artist with a unique sound and I wanted to be apart of his journey to see that he wins . I also learned the music business along the way which inspired me to further my education at the Austin Community College to obtain my degree in getting my Associates of Applied Science in Music Business, Performance, and Technology field. With this degree I can branch off into many roles that I start applying to mold my potential as Artist Management and Talent Scout. Along the way of learning the ins and out of this industry the most important factor to me was seeing that artists were able become not only a voice in this industry , but to learn the business aspect and making sure their paperwork makes sense.“Never sign your soul away , get advisory first”, makes better business efficient for all upcoming musicians in the making.


     Then came the year 2014 , where it all started for Texas 2 Philly Entertainment. Met my business partner Latif Bay aka Mr. Jones of Moneyline Entertainment and Da Bank Studios. God has blessed me with an opportunity to start this brand T2P Entertainment and from there we would stay up late nights brainstorming our next moves. Mr. Jones use to joke around and say to me , “ Yo JJ we better enjoy these late night business convoys cause as the seasons change I see growth and folks gonna have to schedule  meetings just to speak with you” . Laughing it off he was right being a jack of all trades I'm constantly looking for news ways to improve my brand and team at the same time.


    I can't explain the joy amongst sleepless nights , going to college , and working towards my goals , because I'm coming to win and to walk  my way humbly to the top . Also I gotta say this , “ Thank You” to my peers Shaun Fisher at Hilltop Radio , Mansone Batez & Mac Momie at Mac Momie Radio , Melvin Neal at Htown Productions, Eddie Powell at The Blackout Radio this is where I started my first radio show (Salute), Annjewelz , EJ Davis & Damon Nite at The Untalkables network , Apollo Godspeed ,Texas 2 Philly Entertainment & Radio Squad and to the rest of my family , friends and those I network with …’’Y'all made this possible , so I'm going all the way up !!!”