Born Dec 26 in Hampton Va grow up a millitary brat. Traveled all over the world. Moved to Georgia when he was 15.  At around the age of 16 he started working on music with various childhood friends. He moved to Texas at 18 and continued to make music while  networking and working odd jobs.


        In 2003 when he lost his mom he took some time off only to come back more focused then ever. During this period NiteKwralah engaged in musical beefs with a several artists which ultimately led to him being considered one of the most controversial artists in the DFW Area. With the first song which helped perpetuate this reputation  entitled "WAR"; NiteKwralah began to establish himself as one of the most creative writers among his peers.


         In 2011 he colaborated  with Goonlyfe Ent. and this pairing of powerhouse talents led to such classics as "DIRTY SOUTH, GOONLYFE G and APPLIED PRESSURE" featuring Mr Wesside. He continued to record songs until 2014 when he decided to work behind the scenes focusing primarily on marketing and promotion.


         In 2016 he and Goonlyfe CEO Blak Plague started the Untalkables Radio Show. The show was created to bring back the substance music has been missing and provide a paltform for more voices to weigh in on major topics.


         His musical influences include the likes of Mystikal, Ludacris, Busta Ryhmes, The Getto Boys, Rakim, and the legendary Tupac. His eclectic listening tastes also encompass  genres such as Soul and R&B.