Nashville Hip hop artist Phelo The Great aka Phillip A. Driskell II, has had a great year. The success of his self released album “The Coming Of Phelo The Great” on July 4th, 2016 has garnered quite some attention at home and beyond. This has gained him and his music the term“polished” and ready for success. Phelo is ready with his sophomore album titled "B.O.S.S. Business Over Silly Shit." The album will be distributed by Ditto Music and available on ITunes and all major streaming networks on May 6th, 2017. The first single "B.O.S.S" will be released on January 19th, 2017 with an exclusive premier with Skope Magazine.


             Phelo The Great was born Phillip A. Driskell II in Berkeley, CA on 09/19/1978. He lived in California till he was five when his mother relocated to Memphis, TN for a job. He credits his mother as making a big impact on him musically. She was a music lover, especially classic r&b and he recalls weekends waking up to music and not the television. hands of his step father.  After graduating high school he joined the airforce which he describes more as a music college then a military. There he discovered he was destined for music. He

was stationed at Fairfield, California at Travis Air Force Base, returning back to the Bay where he was from and most of his family still resides. Phelo moved to Nashville in 2011, after his time in the US Air Force. Phelo started playing music professionally in 2014, the year his daughter Londyn Rochelle Driskell was born. From there he has pursued a career in the industry and looks for 2017 to very promising.



Phelo The Great


            Jay-Five was the born in a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania hospital; during a time of tremendous economic struggle.  A sudden his loss of Innocents would soon teach him at a young age to evolve into a man. After a brief stay In New York City due to family conflict, Jay and his siblings landed in Warren, Ohio to reside with his grandparents. It was in that small city where he realized life was a twenty four hour brawl where the winner survives and the defeated molder.  Although the inconsistencies of a constructive family life took a toll on him Jon, found a phenomenal coping mechanism, music. Not just any genre of music but the art of true Hip-Hop.


           In 1994 a then underground Queens’s artist who goes by the moniker “NAS” released his debut album “Illmatic” which soon became an instant Hip-Hop classic. After listening to “It ain’t hard to tell” Jay was instantly compelled by the captivating style and concept of the songs lyrical structure. From that moment on he knew what his life’s’ journey would become, to solely become the best hip-hop artist of generation X.  This single moment in time thus resulted in the makings of a star. He began to study Hip- Hop and its art form.